Mrs. Aaisha Shaikh

I welcome you all to Rizvi Education Society’s Rizvi Springfield High School in Mumbai affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, new Delhi. The school runs pre-primary known as Rizvi Angels (Junior and Senior KG), Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels all under the same umbrella. Education is about an exemplary learning community and Rizvi Springfield High School-CBSE is a torch bearer towards creating learning communities. A famous Chinese proverb states “If You are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” and this exactly summarises the aim of our school. At this school your child will have access to teachers from the best universities in the India and world who amalgamate knowledge, skills and competencies to blend with modern educational philosophies and core values. The school envisages the aims and milestones embedded in the New National Education policy 2020 and strives to achieve the same with vigour and careful planning. We promote Excellence in Education where we do everything that we can to make sure children become everything that they can. If happiness gives beauty to life, education gives it vision. As instructional leaders we are committed to preparing all students with skills necessary to become productive and socially responsible citizens in an ever changing world. I am sure that your entrance into the Rizvi Springfield School-CBSE as a learner will open up different avenues in future and turn you into a global, productive citizen.